Which Countries Have The Most Sex?

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The internet is now bombarded by different sex fun facts – from who does it frequently, how to spice it up and which country get this started early. So, if you’re wondering which country is sexually active and satisfied, fret not because you’re about to learn them through this list:


Be it’s the liberal perception on pornography, the progressive views in regards to legal prostitution, the arising fame of licensed brothels or debatable sex education programs that start as early as kindergarten, one thing is sure here. The country is dubbed consistently as one of the most sexually satisfied places all over the globe.

A 2013 research proved that roughly 21% of the Swiss nationals told that their sex lives and sexual performance rate were ‘excellent’. Approximately 32% already experienced lovemaking in public places. Nevertheless, somehow, despite all that fornicating, the country still has the lowest rate for teen birth in the whole world. Last 2012, a survey from United Nations announced that the teen birth rate in the US was ten times higher than this country.



Italians aren’t the most sexually active people in the world and yet they have made it to the top list. Why? Most couples here have made love approximately 121 times every year. Typically, they start the art of seduction right before they reach the love nest. It is not surprising though, the fact that they love food. According to Men’s Health, sex and food are linked directly to one another. Recently, 64% of men and women in Italy evaluated their sex lives as satiating, with roughly one-third of the population expects sex to at least not less than 10 minutes.



Do you know want to know why Netherlands got here? Early sex education, lots of nude beaches and even the popular red light districts are the key determining factors for this. If you aren’t aware, Netherlands is one of the most distinguished pro-sex nations that are open to sex. On one hand, the Dutch people are too scared to say their sexual desire that is most likely one reason why they are hailed as the most sexually satisfied countries.



Bombarded with nude beaches and at the same time, acceptance of gay marriage, Spain has been hailed as the ‘best male lover’ in the world as it dominates a poll that was participated by 15,000 women from different nation. The survey is about which nationality of gentlemen can float their boat. Undeniably, almost 90% of the Spanish (both men and women) were known to be sexually satisfied as per a recent research which surveyed at 9,850 Spaniards.



If you’re looking for the best place where you can curve to die for, Brazil is your best bet. Considered as the 2nd best lovers in the world, almost 82% of Brazilians are having sex, one to three times a week. Obviously, the people in this country enjoy sex a lot.

The above-mentioned countries don’t just lead when it comes to the economy, but as well as in bedroom. Isn’t it interesting?

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