Ways To Deal With Your Partner’s Sexual Past

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There are instances that you cannot help but overthink about the past sexual exploits of your partner. Keep these thoughts at bay through these effective tips on how to deal with your partner’s sexual past:



Communicate, communicate, communicate!

We all know that communication is a strong foundation of any relationship. Furthermore, direct and honest communication is a major contributor of any strong and healthy relationship. If you and your significant other are very comfortable to express the desires, fears, needs, and secrets (that includes your exes or flings), bonds and trusts will be strengthened.

Shut up and listen. No matter how ruthless your partner’s sexual pasts are, you should give them an opportunity to speak and express his or her concerns. Given silence where to rant or speak, they will say over they meant to, even beyond they knew they were discerning. Some couples tend to be decisive before they have heard out each other. To make things clear, do not scream, keep control of yourself and lend your ears.



Do not nag over it.

Once your partner’s previous sexual experiences are bothering your mind, your tendency is to nag them over it. Embarrassing your partner won’t do anything well. Keep this mind – if you can’t accept your partner’s past, that would just bounce back unto you over and over again. Don’t let your insecurities (and your immaturity) stop you from accepting the truth.

Moreover, watch your words and show respect to your partner. Trust me, when respect is gone, the relationship is also over. Control your temper and communicate in a good way to prevent bad arguments. Despite having individual differences, a man and a woman must stay respectful.


Add more spice into your sex life.

If your spouse/partner keeps on mentioning his ex oftentimes or worse, compares you to him/her, then you all have the right to demand to stop them doing that. Alternatively, why don’t you try to spice up your sexual performance? There’s a possibility that you aren’t measuring up with his/her past lovers. Prove him/her wrong. Make him/her drool over you. That’s one way to go.


Stay smitten with each other.

Some relationships seize up in peaceful existence due to this issue, however, without truly working together and involving to each other. Lack of communication and involvement increases distance. It is important to talk about something vital like past sexual experiences so that understanding and connection will still exist.


All romantic relationships are subject to problems, battles, and other negative circumstances. Arguing something which resides in the past already is useless.

However, a collaborative effort must be done in order to bring back the sweetness and closure. Nothing will happen if both sides are hesitant to making the first step. It is always better to love a person every day instead of entertaining hatred to come on your way.

Just imagine the times you court your woman—doing the commendable effort, offering precious gifts, and singing love songs. Don’t waste your time on winning a war. Instead, try to capture the heart of your partner and make your love stronger.


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