Strange Sex Practices from around the World

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“Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity.” -Albert Einstein


What the sensual world has to offer to every people around the universe? How much do you know about the world you’re living in right now? Are you familiar and aware of the things going around you? If you’re proud enough to say “Yes”, you might be out of the line about the fact that you’re wrong about the things you already knew. There are a lot more things in the world that you’re not aware of. Being strange is somehow very related to the unusual thing that might about to happen and it’s not bad to be like that sometimes. The strangest things in the world would’ve surprised you.

Sex has a place in every culture, from reproduction to recreation and beyond. Due to races, traditions and culture in different parts of the world, fascinating strange sex practices are one of the talks of the town nowadays. Regions or some other part of the world may bring out the sexual sense to the greater level. Well, let me reveal those “strange” things about the sex in the world.


Drinking of Semen in Sambia Tribe. In Papua New Guinea, the young boys of the Sambia Tribe are taught to be warriors. As part of their ritual initiation, part of the tradition is a cup of semen from the tribe’s elders. Members of the tribe believe that, from early on, boys need to detach themselves from their mother and embrace their masculine side. It is said that consuming this semen represents the moment a boy enters manhood.


Public Masturbation in Ancient Egypt. They believed that Atum, the Egyptian God of creation, created the universe from his ejaculation and that the Nile River is the direct representation of that miraculous torrent. So with this belief, to receive a plentiful amount of water for the people, the pharaohs were said to portray Atum’s act and masturbate directly into the Nile River.


Care to share brides of Himalayas. A bit more taboo – polyandry kind of belief in the Himalayas as part of their culture, brothers totally doesn’t mind sharing a wife, which apparently would fall onto polyandry. However, it’s been part of their practical way of living. The reason why this kind of life evolved is that Himalayans must adapt to their environment. Resources are limited, so women tend to have multiple husbands than the other way around. Scheduling is the only way to make their relationship work so that all must be met like which work and whose turn it is to have sex, especially for the husband.


The Puberty Ceremony. Menstruation happens to every woman in the world, which means different changes in the body occur. In Sri- Lanka and in some part of India, families arrange a ceremony to girls soon after they get their first menstrual period. Most likely, this is a wedding-like kind of ceremony because families spend a lot of money in arranging this ritual.

These are some facts about the strange practices about sex. Different customs and traditions that they believed in, however, we need to respect these things for they are and will always be part of their culture.

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